Sunday, 31 March 2013

don't wanna grow up, i wanna get out

It's Easter Sunday, I am on the sofa wrapped in a duvet watching a nature program about fish. I plan on spending the day eating Easter eggs and feeling sorry for myself because a hot guy from school ignored my friend request on facebook. Yesterday I watched the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday and the early 2000's style clothes worn by Lindsay and fellow members of her band Pink Slip were so pretty and nostalgic I thought they deserved a post.

This movie came out when I was 5 years old (!!!!!) and I used to watch it and think "When I'm 15 I'm gonna  be just like Anna, in a pop punk girl band with my super cool friends and dating a really hot guy like Chad Michael Murray". I am now 15 and instead I eat junk food in my room, watch Freaky Friday and think "I wish I was in a cool pop punk girl band and had a hot boyfriend like Chad Michael Murray".

I just love the clothes they wear in this movie, it's all so garish and punk yet preppy and cheesy and 2003.

Anna, aka Lindsay Lohan, is typical Avril Lavigne-inspired sk8er gurl punk \m/. She typically wears a choker. Actually I used to be obsessed with chokers when I was younger, and make them out of ribbons and tie them around my neck. In hindsight it was actually kind of dangerous. Always make sure you have parental supervision when tying things around your neck, kids!
Her preferred colour scheme is black and red, and pretty much everything she wears in the movie is either black or red until the wedding scene at the very end.

I love her denim jacket in this scene, with all the different patches on it. 

The 3/4 length sleeves, the baggy jeans and the wristbands! I can almost smell the pop punk.

I absolutely love the corseted lilac dress with lace detailing that she wears in the final scenes. I think the departure from the red and black shows Anna has really ~ ! grown as a person! ~ journey of self discovery!!~ learned from her experience! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ That or they just wanted her to wear a pretty dress for the wedding.
MOTO Bleach acid wash denim jacket, £63 Topshop. Black glass charm heart pendant choker, £3.13 Etsy. Ragged Beanie by The Ragged Priest, £15 Topshop, Dakota studded pocket sleeveless plaid shirt, £38 Topshop, MOTO Boyfriend jeans, £55 Topshop,  red Vans £30

Peg and Maddie are her two friends, played by Haley Hudson and Christina Vidal respectively. Peg has kind of a goth-meets-preppy style and wears black throughout the entire movie. I love her combination of pearls with the black t-shirt and the little barrette she wears in her bob.

Topshop Mock Neck Crop Top £16, black pearl trim collar £9.99 New Look, 7 For All Mankind cropped slim cigarette pants £130, flower barrettes £3.63 Claire's, Frilly black lace trim socks no longer on sale,  Whitney black lace-up platform trainers

Maddie has more of a bohemian, urban Latina style with big hair with coloured streaks, flares and platforms.

Denim waistcoat £24,  pink floral zip front bustier Topshop,  coral high-low skirt £13 H&M, Amrita Singh gold leaf earrings £33,  green yellow jewel statement necklace 316, Sheryl slingback platforms £133 Topshop

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